GURU IPTV Terms & Conditions

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Account Terms GURU IPTV

Suspension and downtime

In addition to our right and conditions to terminate or disable the subscription, you confirm and agree on downtime in case of server maintenance or any update or server related issues, you will not be informed of these before they occur.

All communications and terms to be made or offered in understanding with this Agreement need to be in the English language. We have the authority and right to immediately end or limit your use of the services or access to content any moment, without prior notice or liability, in case GURU IPTV  decides in its sole discretion that you have breached any of the above terms and conditions, any law or regulation over any content including

– GURU IPTV logo, and other GURU IPTV trademarks, photos, written content, are owned by GURU IPTV. All of GURUIPTV trademarks can’t be copied, downloaded, shared or used in any mean

Minimum allowed age

In order to subscribe with us and enjoy GURU IPTV services you have to be at least 18 years old.

Allowed Connections per each subscription

Each subscription allows one connection, and 2 connections and 4 connections are available according to the customer’s choice.

Proxy / VPN usage policy

Using Proxy / VPN applications or servers is not allowed and can result in service suspension with no refund.

Unsupported Countries

Our service work anywhere in the world AS LONG AS your Internet Service Provider is not blocking our services.

Subscribing details

you need to follow the details and instructions before purchasing IPTV subscription from us or in case of having any issue

Data usage charges

Client is responsible for any expenses or charges related to his data usage or internet fees.

Unacceptable usage behavior

GURU IPTV doesn’t allow any type of re-streaming, transmit the content or distribute any of the content provided.


GURU IPTV provided services are subject to change, update at anytime and without prior notice.

Discounts and promotions could occur anytime, in case a service purchased before the offer it can’t be refunded to utilize the offer; check pricing

Information provided

Any information or data provided must be accurate.

You must be the owner or has the right to use the payment method used to purchase any product from us.

Adjustments to our Terms & Conditions

It’s possible that anytime and without prior notice adjust these Terms and Conditions.

Including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the Client. Any such alteration will be effective instantly upon open posting. Your proceeded use of our Service and this Site following any such alteration constitutes your acknowledgment of these adjusted Terms.

The number of channels and movies in the VOD library can be changes based on the update we do every week.

The Number of Live TV Channels & VOD

Channels and VOD are subject to change, update or removal at any time and without prior notice.

Any change in the categories or anything included in the content can happen anytime.

All TV Fans don’t have any control over the content provided or EPG or any updates happen to them.

Quality of the content provided

Due to the nature of IPTV and the factors it depend on such as Internet Service Provider, Internet Speed, Bandwidth, Streaming sources and many other variables, We can’t guarantee that any of the content will be working 100% all the time , it’s possible to find issues like buffering , freezing or not working content.